Why Your Business Should Be Adopting Cloud-Based IT Services

Why Your Business Should Be Adopting Cloud-Based IT Services

Data backup, security, flexibility, easy access from anywhere in the world, reduced expenses – those are just some of the benefits of cloud-based services. This technology has been around for quite some time now, and in 2021, it’s a must-have for all kinds of businesses, no matter how big or small. In recent years, I’ve had the privilege of working with the Best IT Services Companies in Singapore, and that allowed me to truly expand my business.

And now, after successfully moving my operations into the cloud, I’m happy to share my experience. If you’re a bit skeptical about it all and prefer the traditional way of computing, pay extra attention to the following list of the biggest pros of “migrating” to the cloud. I’m sure that you’ll start to appreciate what cloud computing has to offer!

#1: Affordability

Why Your Business Should Be Adopting Cloud-Based IT ServicesData centers aren’t exactly cheap. First of all, the hardware costs a lot; maintenance will also “threaten” your wallet. And let’s not forget that finding the right equipment and the experts to manage it can be a tedious task. With cloud computing, the only thing that you’ll need to worry about will be the monthly fee. There are literally thousands of cloud service providers on the market and they are available at reasonable prices.

The available storage, memory space, and the list of features define how expensive (or cheap) the service will be. The number of users also affects the final cost. The good news is – you are free to choose whatever configuration suits you best. With most companies, clients can also create their own, customized cloud servers. Cloud storage creation takes very little time, by the way.

#2: Flexibility and Versatility

Why Your Business Should Be Adopting Cloud-Based IT ServicesWhen working with traditional computing systems (like a network of desktop computers), mobility can be a huge issue. That won’t be a problem with a cloud computer. Once you “book” a server, it becomes available to you and your employees no matter where you are. The flexibility of working from the location of your choosing allows businesses to say afloat no matter what.

For example, if some of your staff members are forced to stay at home, they can access the server (and your company’s data) from their bedrooms. In fact, many modern-day companies are greatly reducing the number of workstations at their offices – that allows saving even more money on hardware they don’t need.

#3: Expandability

Why Your Business Should Be Adopting Cloud-Based IT ServicesThe best thing about cloud-based IT services – they are easily scalable. As soon as your business is ready to expand, you can purchase extra storage, memory, and/or licenses. You won’t even have to go anywhere: just log into your account, choose whatever you need to add to your current network of servers, and that’s it! The same is true for adding additional features.

Don’t worry: you won’t have to wait for days before you get access to the newly-bought extra computing resources. Mostly, it takes service providers hours, if not minutes to make them available to you. It’s important to mention that computing power and network bandwidth are usually sold separately. Keep that in mind when planning to expand.

#4: No Costly Backups Needed

Why Your Business Should Be Adopting Cloud-Based IT ServicesYou can never be too safe, which is why backups are super important. Or, at least, they used to be. True, data loss can (and often does) lead to catastrophic events, but with cloud storage, you won’t have to worry about that anymore. As long as you have means of accessing that data (like a stable internet connection), it will always be there, waiting for you.

A quick note: many contemporary businesses use cloud computing as a means of data storage/backup. I have to warn you, however, that there are lots of “greedy” providers out there that skimp on extra server storage. So, be careful when choosing who to trust with your precious data.

#5: High Level of Security

Why Your Business Should Be Adopting Cloud-Based IT ServicesThe first thing that you have to ensure when working with computers is security. Unfortunately, breaches happen all the time, and data security tends to cost a lot. Besides, you’ll need an expert(s) that will install the right kind of software and manage it. Statistics show that storing corporate data on the cloud is safer than keeping it on physical devices (servers). It’s not rare for employees to lose their laptops and tablets.

That allows the criminals to steal precious data and demand a ransom (or worse). Cloud storage eliminates the chances of that ever happening. The second you learn that a corporate device was lost, you can move your data to another account or even delete it. This is done remotely, of course. As for cloud platform breaches, they happen very rarely, as they’re quite difficult to penetrate.

#6: Lots of Different Options to Choose from

Why Your Business Should Be Adopting Cloud-Based IT ServicesWith cloud-based services, you can choose between three different categories. Those include IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS, and they, in turn, are also divided into sub-categories. With IaaS, you buy storage capacity and computing resources. It provides access to virtual machines, servers, or networks. IaaS is very flexible in terms of pricing. You’re free to pay monthly, daily, or even by the minute.

PaaS is more complex and feature-packed. With it, businesses get access to features, services, and tools that can be used for creating web apps. And, PaaS can be fully controlled over the internet. That means you won’t have to worry about the infrastructure, focusing solely on the development process. Finally, SaaS is the most expensive and advanced type of cloud service.

Web-based email, payroll apps, and various management systems (customer relations, for example) are all available through SaaS. This is a “ready-steady” kind of service: the clients don’t have to install any software or modify it – the provider takes care of that. If you own a relatively small business, SaaS might not be the best investment for you – start with something simpler, like IaaS.

#7: Quick Access

Why Your Business Should Be Adopting Cloud-Based IT ServicesAs I already mentioned, with cloud-based services, fast, effortless access is always a part of the deal. For improving the performance of your employees and staying on top of things, the cloud is a God-sent. Different staff members need to share data and work together on something. That proves to be difficult sometimes when you’ve got people working in the field, but not with a cloud server that everyone has access to.

Real-time updates are one of the biggest benefits of this technology, as they greatly increase efficiency and productivity. Plus, as we learned today, they help to keep production cost to a minimum.

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